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Live Steam Engines are Steamways Engineering

We build, repair, renovate, repaint and line and complete steam  locomotives (coal, gas or spirit fired as appropriate) in all gauges from ‘0‘ to 10.25“, traction engines and stationary steam engines, together with boat/launch engines with accessories. Unfinished models are also completed to your own specification.

From  individually manufactured parts to assist fellow  Model Engineers to a complete Live Steam  Locomotive, Traction Engine or Stationary Steam Plant - Steamways Engineering will help achieve your dreams. All Silver-Soldered Boilers are also now available, made to order by our trained coppersmith and boilermaker. We machine and completeStuart Models kits and engines, especially the more complicated ones such as the Triple Marine and the beautiful full sized Stuart 6A Compound Launch Engine.

We also offer a professional model painting and lining service to give your creation that special finishing touch.

5” gauge D41 “Director” in full original lined passenger livery.

7 1/4” gauge NE “Stumpf” 4-6-0 tender locomotive in lined livery

Stuart 6A full-sized Twin Cylinder Compound Launch engine.

Allchin “Royal Chester” 1 1/2” scale Coal Fired Live Steam Traction Engine.

We Machine Parts and make components to enable you to build your own engine at home without the need to machine castings and materials and to assist Model Engineers complete their own projects. Most Locomotives in 3 1/2” gauge,  5” gauge, 7 1/4” gauge and even larger can be supplied in completed, part-built or pre-machined component form to suit your skills and help you achieve your own working Live Steam Model.

Our experienced and skilled staff also complete, rebuild and repaint & line  models for individuals and families where this is required, using the parts that have already been made and completing their & your  projects to a high degree of professional finish.

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5” gauge live steam “Duchess” Pacific in lined BR Maroon.

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