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The very nature of our work, with all work being completed to an individual Commission, including the manufacture of individual parts for over 2,000 model variations, means that we can only publish pricing details as examples including our extensive range of EC Compliant all silver-soldered Copper Boilers to suit Working Live Steam Locomotives in all gauges from “0” to 15 inches, Traction Engines from 3/4” to 4” Scale, Stationary Steam Engines and Steam Launches/Boats.

Steam Locomotive Parts

A Full set of Coupling and Connecting Rods for a typical 6 coupled 2 cylinder 5” gauge Locomotive, including all Bushes, Complete and Ready to fit     £650.00p

A Full Set of Walschaerts Valve Gear, to suit the above, including Radius Rods, Expansion Links, Return Cranks, Eccentric Rods, Crosshead Drop Links, Vibrating Links, Combination Levers, bushed as appropriate -                                             £1,260.00p

To Machine and Fettle 6 off Driving and Coupled Wheel castings - 5” gauge Loco   £420.00p

All other parts manufactured to order - Individual prices quoted on demand.

Cylinders Machined and all other parts (including platework etc) manufactured to order.

Traction Engines and Stationary Engines manufactured and individual parts made to order.

EXAMPLE BOILER PRICES (as at 3rd May 2019) - all EC Certificated & Stamped

1 1/2” Scale Allchin Traction Engine     £1,654.00p

3 1/2” Gauge “Maisie” GN 4-4-2 (non-Combustion chamber)    £1,604.00p

3 1/2” Gauge “Rob Roy” Caledonian 0-6-0 Tank Engine   £1,124.00p

5” Gauge SR 2-6-0 “Ashford” Taper Barrel  £3,241.00p

5” Gauge “BR Standard Class 7 “Britannia” 4-6-2   £4,248.00p

5” Gauge GWR 15XX “Speedy” 0-6-0 Tank Engine   £2,307.00p

5” Gauge LNER 4-6-0 B1 “Springbok”   £2,613.00p

7 1/4” gauge Ken Swan 0-4-2 “Bridget”  £2,515.00p

7 1/4” gauge “Holmside” 0-6-0 Tank Engine   £3,232.00p

7 1/4” Gauge LMS Black 5 “Highlander” 4-6-0    £7,580.00p

7 1/4” Gauge BR Class 9 “Evening Star” 2-10-0   £8,274.00p

Plus over 200 others available - Contact us for a Price. (Tel 01507-206006)


Our service includes a full model strip down to individual components, strip-down to bare metal, Prime and top coats in enamel, colour matched to original or your specification, all lining hand applied paint and good quality transfers for numbers and letters. Price varies depending on amount of work, size of model etc. A typical re-paint etc of a 5” gauge locomotive and tender costs approximately £2,700.00 and produces a superb “ex Works” finish.

Telephone us on 01507-206006 for more Information.

Email us at info@steamwaysengineering.co.uk

Example Pricing